8 High Risk Investments That Could Double Your Money

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What are some high risk investments?

Do not be fooled by investments that offer results that are too much in a very fast time. But many investors do not think long when the investment product offered. This is because they want their money to grow and do not want to suffer. These investments generate substantial risks. This investment can add your money, but these investments can result in losses. The following is an investment with high risk.

  • Leveraged Oil ETF

Oil ETF has trading activities with a high volume. So the ETF are usually offered to return the investment made by the investor. In fact, investors can suffer losses due to the refund.

  • Options

Options usually works by the investor will purchase shares at a predetermined price on a specified date in the future. Option also offers a great bonus for investors who want to buy shares at the suggested time. These investments have a high risk, because of the time as a requirement. If at that time, the price of the investment is not profitable investor does not need to sell investments.

  • Initial Public Offering

These types of investments are already attracting investors. These investments offered to investors, that the investment will return in the short term. This investment is very risky, because investors are asked to buy shares of companies whose value is low. After the company’s shares purchased, there is the possibility of the management company cannot make the company better, or the management company cannot raise the value of the company.

  • Venture capital

This investment is very risky because the outcome is uncertain and unstable. If a company is already getting venture capital, there are many factors that can be failure, for example, poor management, lack of strategic location and marketing measures are not appropriate. If you want to invest here, you should be careful or you have to hire a researcher to determine the favorable conditions for investment.

  • Foreign Emerging markets

To invest in developing countries are particularly at risk because of political changes could happen at any time. The political changes could affect economic development and will have an impact on your investment. Economy in developing countries can turn advanced capitalist or others economic models. This can make your investment becomes unstable and high risk.

  • REITs

Or residential real estate investment has a high risk. This occurs because the real estate market is very volatile. But this investment offers a high dividend. The real estate market may also experience depression that will affect the state of investments and investment results you get.

  • High Yield Bonds

These investments are issued by a foreign government-owned company. This is a very attractive investment offered by the government at low interest rates. If and to reinvest, then the investment should be tested with a total potential loss on these investments. You must be keen in investing. Find a financial advisor who can help you to invest in a lucrative spot.

  • Currency trading

Currency trading should be done by people who are experts. Investors and traders will have a high risk due to the rapid change of bargaining activities that occur in the environment. Trade in the forex market does not have the same requirements as the existing trade in traditional markets. This can increase the risk of investment.

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