8 High Risk Investments That Could Double Your Money

What are some high risk investments?

Do not be fooled by investments that offer results that are too much in a very fast time. But many investors do not think long when the investment product offered. This is because they want their money to grow and do not want to suffer. These investments generate substantial risks. This investment can add your money, but these investments can result in losses. The following is an investment with high risk. Continue reading “8 High Risk Investments That Could Double Your Money”

The Crucial Points about Money Management

Importance of money management

Money management is the most crucial factor that defines the general strategies of Forex trading’s incomes or loss. It is something that should always be cared because it is the crucial trading key. You should be smart in money management to make profits and minimize the loss.
Continue reading “The Crucial Points about Money Management”

The Definition of Forex Broker

When it comes to the definition of forex broker, you may find that the term is quite understandable. Forex is classified as firms which provide some traders of currency with trading platform access that allow them to sell and buy foreign currencies. The broker in currency trading is also well-known as broker or retail forex broker. They handle a little volume portions belong to general foreign exchange market. Continue reading “The Definition of Forex Broker”

What is ECN Broker?

ECN broker is an expert of forex financial that utilizes ECN (Electronic Communications Networks) as the direct access of his clients to other contributors in the markets of currency. An ECN broker commonly can offer tighter ask spreads or bid to the clients rather than other else that would be available for them. It is because the broker combines price references from some contributors in the market.      Continue reading “What is ECN Broker?”

How to Pay Your Forex Broker

Unlike other exchange driven markets, the forex market has its unique feature which many market makers use to entice traders. They commonly promise that there will be no regulatory fees, data fees or exchange fees , and the best of all is without commission. To some new traders, this is a good news as they want to break0into the business of trading. Trading with no transaction cost is obviously a great advantage. Nevertheless, it will look like a bargain to inexpert traders might not be the best deal available or even is not good at all somehow. We are going to show you the way to evaluate forex broker commission or fee structures and find the one which suits you the best. Continue reading “How to Pay Your Forex Broker”

How Much Money Can I Make Forex Day Trading?

As you know, the market of forex obliges least amount of capital to start your day trading, trades for twenty four hour a day as well as offering some potentials because of the leverage is already provided by some forex brokers. These following scenarios will show you the potential that uses a risk which is controlled by the strategy of forex day trading. Continue reading “How Much Money Can I Make Forex Day Trading?”

Various Types of Forex Contests

forex contest
FXTM Contest

Forex Contests and Trading Competitions

Forex brokers never stop in arranging several types of forex competition and contests for the traders so that the brokers could retain trader’s association and interest with the trading platforms and sites that are provided by the brokers. Forex contests are utilized by online forex brokers in order to make the traders become more vigilant and active in the trading experience. Basically, these forex competitions and contests are designed to test the trading ability and skills of the traders. The type of contest that is most commonly designed by brokers is free contest. Free contest could be categorized into live and demo competition. Continue reading “Various Types of Forex Contests”

Awesome Oscillator

Awesome Oscillator


Awesome oscillator (AO) is an indicator which is used to measure market momentum. It reflects specific alteration in market momentum which help to determine the strength of trends, included forming point and spread. This is most important indicator from Bill Williams. It is integrated into your terminal trading. The goal is to determine current market momentum that is the booster which is second measurement that helps you to build a successful trading strategy. Continue reading “Awesome Oscillator”

Promotions Provided By the Forex Companies

Forex Brokers Promotions

bonus and promo

There are various choices of trade promotions that are offered exclusively by online companies and forex brokers. Trade promotion came in various choices of types with different characteristics and features. Besides contests and forex bonuses, you also could find the types of promotion without specific name that are usually offered by online companies or brokers. If you want to understand these types of promotions, you can take a look at the explanation below. Continue reading “Promotions Provided By the Forex Companies”

Forex Bonuses: Welcome Bonus – No Deposit Bonus

Bonuses in Forex Trading

no deposit bonusForex brokers offer various choices of trading promotions so that they could attract more potential clients to join the forex business. One of the most common types of trading promotions that you could find is forex bonuses. Bonuses are the type of trading promotion that is very preferred by forex traders since bonuses could help the traders to get more profits and also give traders the opportunity to get more cash without using any investment. Forex bonuses could be categorized into several types such as deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and welcome bonuses. To understand the difference between these bonuses, let’s take a look at the explanation below. Continue reading “Forex Bonuses: Welcome Bonus – No Deposit Bonus”