How to Use Moving Averages Like a Pro

Moving Averages: How a Pro Use Them in Trading Routine

moving average

How to Trade Moving Averages Like a Pro – Moving averages is a technical analysis tool to calculate price data points by creating average price within specific period of time. Trading professionals usually use moving averages to get more profit. They use them as momentum indicators, instead of resistance and support indicators. How it works? Check the details here. Continue reading “How to Use Moving Averages Like a Pro”

Analysis on the Forex Market

forex chart analysis

From time to time, Forex traders need to analyze the situation of the market. It’s important to analyze correctly and try to figure out the correct actions and anticipate the upcoming events. Traders need to learn “reading”, grouping and analyzing the information they found. In order to be able to predict the future fluctuations of currencies, traders can learn two analysis types. The first one is technical and the second one will be fundamental. Continue reading “Analysis on the Forex Market”