The Crucial Points about Money Management

Importance of money management

Money management is the most crucial factor that defines the general strategies of Forex trading’s incomes or loss. It is something that should always be cared because it is the crucial trading key. You should be smart in money management to make profits and minimize the loss.
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How Much Money Can I Make Forex Day Trading?

As you know, the market of forex obliges least amount of capital to start your day trading, trades for twenty four hour a day as well as offering some potentials because of the leverage is already provided by some forex brokers. These following scenarios will show you the potential that uses a risk which is controlled by the strategy of forex day trading. Continue reading “How Much Money Can I Make Forex Day Trading?”

Forex Bonuses: Welcome Bonus – No Deposit Bonus

Bonuses in Forex Trading

no deposit bonusForex brokers offer various choices of trading promotions so that they could attract more potential clients to join the forex business. One of the most common types of trading promotions that you could find is forex bonuses. Bonuses are the type of trading promotion that is very preferred by forex traders since bonuses could help the traders to get more profits and also give traders the opportunity to get more cash without using any investment. Forex bonuses could be categorized into several types such as deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and welcome bonuses. To understand the difference between these bonuses, let’s take a look at the explanation below. Continue reading “Forex Bonuses: Welcome Bonus – No Deposit Bonus”

Top Online Forex Brokers

A reputable forex broker must have some rules, services and programs to protect the market integrity. They must also protect the public from manipulation, fraud, and also abusive practices that relate to the future options and sales as well as encouraging to open stable and competitive option and future markets. Below is a list of top rated forex brokers.

Best Forex Brokers List

Broker Name Min Deposit Regulation Review Open Account

broker fbs
 $1 CySEC (Cyprus), IFSC (Belize)  read more  visit broker

broker forex fxtm
 $5 CySEC (Cyprus), FCA (UK)  read more  visit broker

top broker xm
 $5 CySEC (Cyprus), ASIC (Australia), FCA (UK)  read more  visit broker

Forex broker is classified as firms which provide some traders of currency with trading platform access that allow them to sell and buy foreign currencies. The broker in currency trading is also well-known as broker or retail forex broker. They handle a little volume portions belong to general foreign exchange market.

You may wonder why forex traders need some forex brokers. Here, a forex broker will act as an intermediary between the two parties which involve in a transaction of forex: the seller and the buyer. Whilst it may be possible to sell or buy currency directly throughout banks or other financial institutions, the forex brokers generally offers services which are generally benefit forex traders like charting platform, leverage access and analysis tools.

How to Choose the Right Forex Broker

When you are entering the world of forex, you will need a broker to provide everything that you need to trade. Choosing the right broker is not an easy thing at all because sometimes if you are not careful, your broker can lead you to your own destruction. So, below are several things you must pay attention to when you choose a broker.

  1. Security, Customer Support, and Account Types Variation

Make sure that your broker can make you feel secure. To make you sure that your broker is not a fraud, check the regulation and the licensed. A good and well-trusted broker must have at least the license from local regulatory authorities. A professional broker must also have customer support. There will be email address and phone number that you can contact whenever you want. There will be online rap that is available on live chat so that the traders can contact the broker easily. Not all traders are already professionals. So, a good broker must have many options of account types for the trader. A good broker can also provide variations of accounts based on the amount of money the trader has.

  1. Initial Deposit, Charges and Fees, and Leverage

When you choose a good broker, you have to choose one that can support your financial condition. Choose the broker that can get you an account with the minimum deposit you can afford. If you do not have the cash, choose the broker that accepts credit cards and bank wires as well. Choose a broker that will not financially burden you with high charges and fees. Make sure the charges and fees are negotiable and they are not too high so that you can still afford them. Choose a broker that can provide you with the most reasonable amount of leverages. That way, you do not have to risk your chance in the forex market to get a profit. A good broker will also help you with the leverages to avoid a major losing.

  1. Spreads, Free Demo Account, and Currency Pairs Options

Choose a broker that can offer you the best type of spread so that you as a trader can make as many profits as possible. Before you use real account to trade, you need a demo account to do “trial” first. A good broker can provide you with a free demo account. Choose a broker that can offer all major currency pairs so that you can have as many options as possible.

  1. Trading Platform, Education Materials, and Bonuses and Promotions

A good broker will provide you a secure trading platform. The broker will also help you with the consideration of placing your trade and many more. If you choose a broker, choose one that not only supports you but also gives you knowledge. The broker must inform you the daily analysis, tell you what you do good and what you shouldn’t do next, and also mentor you when you place your trade. Choose a broker that can appreciate the traders by giving them bonuses and promotion. The traders will be both feeling flattered and motivated to do even better in the forex market.

Trading Process in Forex Trading

terminal trading

If you go in forex business, trading is one of the most important aspects that you should notice. There are two important steps in trading. The first one is order opening and the other one is order closing. Order closing is important so that you could fix the trading results. Continue reading “Trading Process in Forex Trading”

10 Psychological Trading Tips to Win

Psychological Trading: What are the Ten Tips to Win?

emotional trading

The success of trading is 90% can be affected by the psychological factors. Follow the ten psychological trading here, so you can master your trading world. Continue reading “10 Psychological Trading Tips to Win”

The Price History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s Price History


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or a form of money which the management and creation use the control of cryptography. Since the debut in 2009, Bitcoin has a very unstable trading history which traded for nothing. In the 2010, the real price of a single coin of bitcoin starts to increase from $0.0008 to $0.08. Bitcoin next become the important currency in the major trading rallies. Continue reading “The Price History of Bitcoin”

How to Build a Winning Trading Plan

Strategy on Building a Winning Trading Plan

trading plan

The success of every trader is can be seen from their trading plan. In creating a winning trading plan, a trader shouldn’t only write about “how” but it should be “why” the trading plan can be useful. Learn here how to make the winning trading plan and how you can follow it. Continue reading “How to Build a Winning Trading Plan”

How to Use Moving Averages Like a Pro

Moving Averages: How a Pro Use Them in Trading Routine

moving average

How to Trade Moving Averages Like a Pro – Moving averages is a technical analysis tool to calculate price data points by creating average price within specific period of time. Trading professionals usually use moving averages to get more profit. They use them as momentum indicators, instead of resistance and support indicators. How it works? Check the details here. Continue reading “How to Use Moving Averages Like a Pro”

4 Essential Aspects of ‘Best of’ Momentum Trading Strategy

A ‘Best of’ Momentum Trading Strategy

forex trading strategy

‘Best of’ momentum trading strategy has become foremost strategy used in current markets. It serves more reliable result and more measurable method. It basically suggests us to buy rising up assets and to sell going down assets. If you are new and you want to use this strategy, there are few factors you must not forget. Continue reading “4 Essential Aspects of ‘Best of’ Momentum Trading Strategy”